Lebanon American War


Start Of War: 1958              In 1958, A Pro Western Christian President Of Lebanon Called Upon America To Intervene In His Country’s  Religious Tension Of 50% Muslims And 50% Christians


War Details:    After Deployment For 3 Months In Lebanon, America Withdrew Its Forces With The Agreement To Replace The Complaining Christian President.


War Lost:      Lebanon Is Now 60% Muslim And 40% Christian And Now Has A Muslim President: Tammam Salam Elected In 2014.


Iraq America Coup


Start Of War: 1979    The Anti-Democracy Terrorists from America’s Intelligence Department Replace The Iraqi Leader With Saddam Hussein.


War Details:   With The Shah In Neighboring Iran Overthrown On 2/1979, America Then Replaces The Leader Of Iraq 5 Months Later With Saddam Hussein On 7/1979. Saddam Hussein After being Put Into Power By America, Then Initiates An 8 Year War With Iran In 1980, Killing Nearly A Million On Both Sides.


War Lost:      In The Bottomless Pit Of Greed To Control The Oil Of Both Iran And Iraq, Causing Millions In Those Countries To Suffer and Die, America Dropped 88,500 Tons Of Bombs (Equivalent To 5 Nuclear Bombs), Lost More Than 5,000 American Soldiers, And Spent More Than $3 Trillion Dollars To Remove The Same Puppet Leader America Put In There: Saddam Hussein.


The Iraq War Caused America’s White Christian Terrorist Persona To Be Hated Worldwide.


Iran/Contra American Weapons


Start Of War: 1981   After Anti-Democracy Terrorists Put Saddam Hussein In Power In Iraq And Prompt Him To Attack Iran, American Then Sells Overpriced Weapons To Iran To Fight Iraq.


War Details:   Since The American Shah Puppet Was Overthrown In Iran And America Could No Longer Steal The Iranian Oil, America Then Took Money From Iran By Selling Them Overpriced Weapons For A War America Started Via Saddam Hussein In Iraq.


War Lost:      America Wanted Both Sides of the Iran/Iraq War to Lose, Jabbing Both Sides to Fight, But then America Ended up Being the Biggest Loser in that War.


America Returned Billions Of Dollars To Iran In 2016 In Addition To Paying More Than $3 Trillion Dollars To Remove Saddam Hussein From Iraq After Putting Him There To Try To Defeat Iran and Iran is Still Keeping its Own Oil.

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