2nd Lebanon American War


Start Of War: 1982-1984    In 1982, A Pro Western Christian President Of Lebanon Called Upon America To Intervene In His Country’s  Religious Tension Of 50% Muslims And 50% Christians


War Details:    Tension And Fighting Rose When Christians In Lebanon Aligned With Israel. After An Attack On The Occupying USA Military Barracks That Killed More Than 200 Americans, President Reagan Ordered The USA Military To Withdraw From Lebanon.


War Lost:      Lebanon Is Now 60% Muslim And 40% Christian And Now Has A Muslim President: Tammam Salam Elected In 2014.


Somalia America War


Start Of War: 1992                In An Effort By America To Destabilize And Overthrow The Somali Government, America Invaded Somalia In 1992.


War Details:   With America Invading Countries Worldwide In An Attempt To Replace Democratically Elected Leaders And Presidents With Force And Assassinations To Inject Corruption and Dictators  Friendly To Western Oil Industries To Granting Access To Western Oil Companies To Take The Country’s Resources From The Indigenous People.


War Lost:      In 1993, Somali Resistance To American Invasion Shot Down A Black Hawk Helicopter, Causing A Huge Psychological Victory To Somalia To Stand Up To The Previously Perceived Invincible USA Military, Causing America To Quickly Withdraw.


Afghanistan / Iraq America War


Start Of War: 2001/3             America Invades Afghanistan And Iraq Under The False Pretence Of Iraq Hiding Weapons Of Mass Destruction, A False Claim Supported by Fake Israeli Intelligence.


War Details:    America’s War Objective Is To Defeat The Taliban In Afghanistan And Remove Iraq’s Nuclear Weapons


War Lost:      America Failed At Both Objectives, More Than 15 Years Later, America Is Still Fighting The Taliban In Afghanistan And Never Found Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq.

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