Pakistan America Attacks


Start Of War: 2011     America Invaded The Sovereign Country Of Pakistan To Kill Osama Bin Laden.


War Details:   After A 10 Year Evasion Of A $25 Million Dollar Bounty For Bin Laden’s Life, Offered From The American Christian Terrorists To Kill Osama Bin Laden, The Alleged (Never Saw His Day In Court) Mastermind Of The 9/11/2001 Attack Was Assassinated.


War Lost:      Osama Bin Laden, Similar To Removing Saddam Hussein, Cost America a Combined $5 Trillion Dollars To Eliminate These 2 Muslims.


Furthermore, the USA is Still Losing Money and Lives Since America Is Still Mired In Both Iraq And Afghanistan. Also, After The Killing Of Osama, A Suspected Worst Terrorist Arose Named Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Who Some Claim Was The Main Reason America Failed In Iraq.


After Al Zarqawi, A Worse Terrorist Came Named Baghdadi Who Some Claim Is The Main Reason For The Rise Of ISIS Now In 30 States. But Just As America Can Not Cure its Greed To Pillage Other Nations, America Also Refuses To Learn That Killing Begets Killers.


Bin Laden, Al Zarqawi, And Baghdadi Should All Be A Lesson That Not Torturing (Al Zarqawi Was A Former Prisoner In Abu Ghraib The American Operated Torture Prison), Not Invading, Not Destroying Countries Is The Way To Not Make Terrorists.


Libya America Coup


Start Of War: 2011  America Bombs Libya


War Details:   After Decades Of A Bi-Polar Love Hate Relationship With Libya’s Leader Gaddafi, White Christian Terrorists Bomb Him Once And For All.


War Lost:      After Gaddafi Is Killed, America Had No Next Step Plan, Causing The Country To Fall Into Chaos And Turn Into An Anti-American Hard Line Islamic State.

Syria America War


Start Of War: 2014      After America Removed The Same Puppet Leader It Previously Placed In Iraq, Causing Iraq To Collapse And Go Into Chaos And Give Rise To ISIS, The Next Country To Lose Stabilization And Be A Breeding Ground For ISIS Was Syria.


War Details:     From 2014 To Present, The USA Has Dropped Nearly 2 Million Pounds Of Bombs On Syria. America Claims To Be Neutral But They Do Not Allow The Syrians To Arm Themselves With Surface To Air Missiles To Protect Themselves From The Air Attacks.


War Lost:      In Essence, This Is A Continuation Of The Disastrous Failure America Had In Iraq. America Failed On Both Sides Of Syria, Failing To Remove Assad And Failing The Spread Of ISIS Causing a Humanitarian Disaster.

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