200 Nuclear Bombs On Muslims


White Trinity Disease is the Illness that Caused Dropping The Equivalent Of 200 Nuclear Bombs On Muslim Countries and Guilty Of Killing Millions of Innocent Lives, Yet Still Lost The War On Islam.


In Total, More Than 200 Nuclear Bombs Have Been Dropped By These White Christian Terrorists On Islamic Countries, With Nothing To Show but Millions of Innocent lives being killed in Islamic countries and in the American military, all by the hands of greedy, entitled, White Christian Terrorists who were voted into dangerous positions of power within the American government.


Furthermore, America Is More In Fear Now Than Ever Before, These supremacists who live in America took a playbook from The Israeli Fanatic Tactics Who Still Also Live In Fear.


Here Are The Estimated Bomb Calculations from America’s baseless assaults on Muslim countries, due to the wrong people being voted into power, as of late 2016:


1986 To Present Libya = More Than 1 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults From America, Equivalent To 1 Nuclear Bomb which caused the destruction of thousands of homes, and the death of innocent men, women, and children.


1991 To 1997 Desert Storm War  = 80 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 80 Nuclear Bombs


2001 To Present Afghanistan  = More Than 30 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 30 Nuclear Bombs


2003 To Present Iraq  = More Than 80 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 80 Nuclear Bombs


2014 To Present Syria = More Than 2 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 2 Nuclear Bombs


Total: Nearly 200 Million Pounds / 200 Nuclear Bombs By Radical American Terrorists. Wasting Lives And Money And Over And Over Losing The War On Islam that should have never been started as Islam was never in a war against America.


Instead Muslims put their trust in and came to America for safe haven from their own dictators in their countries, and instead of finding safety, they found hate, murder, and callous destruction of their homelands, due to the greed of oil, at the cost of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish lives.



The number of American Military lives lost, the number of children’s lives lost, the amount of money wasted, and the loss of resources in America that could have gone to the millions of Americans struggling.



Islam Is Not The Only Belief System That America Went To War Against And Lost. Communism Was Also A Target, Also Costing Millions Of Innocent Lives and American Resources And Also Defeating America. With Communist China Now Practically Owning America.


Was Being A Discriminatory Supremacist Worth It? Communists Are Still Communists, Muslims Are Still Muslims. These Christian Terrorists Have Not Been Successful Or Won One War, Unless Winning, Means Killing Children, And Sacrificing Your Own Military Men And Women And Being The #1 Country Trillions In Debt.


America Did Not Limit Their Attacks On One Religion Or Ethnicity Or Region, Those in Power in America Wanted To Control The Entire World Like Hitler.


Just As Germany Was Defeated, America Is Now Nearly $20 Trillion Dollars In Debt, Reversing Its Status From One Of The Richest To One Of The Poorest Countries Based On Debt Value.


Nearly Half Of The $20 Trillion Was Spent On Trying To Defeat Islam And More Trillions Owed To Communist China. Ironically The 2 Forces That the White Christian Terrorists Terrorized the Most Are The 2 Forces That Puts America At The Brink Of Collapse.


As We Were Shocked And Enraged When 3,000 Were Killed On 9/1/2001 By Osama Bin Laden, What The Americans Are Oblivious To Is That America Has Been Invading And Bombing Islamic Countries For More Than 200 Years Causing More Destruction And Death Than The 19 Hijackers On That 1 Day.


With 3,000 Killed On One Day, Some Estimate That The 200 Years Of Attacks From America On Islam Has Caused 30 Million Deaths, All Hidden By American Media And History Books, All Cloaked By the White Christian Terrorist War Propaganda.


This News Propaganda Makes Americans Assume They Have The Moral High Ground While In Reality, If You Take The One Day Of 9/11/2001 And Multiply It By 200 Years Of The USA Similarly Invading Islamic Countries (365 Days X 200 Years), Then That Makes American Leaders 73,000 Times Worse Than Osama Bin Laden.


The Entire World Sees This And Knows This Except For Most Of The American Public Blinded by The Propaganda Media. This Deadly Naivety Is The Main Factors Of Americans Still Volunteering To Join The Military, support the wars, and live in fear of attacks in America, Instead Of Rightly Fearing And Trying To Change The Supremacist Views Of Their American leaders.


We, Americans Sincerely Believe That We Are Righteous, Helping To Liberate Other Countries, Yet We Are Oblivious To The 400 Years America Has Been Corrupting And Attacking Other Countries, Because They Don’t Believe or Look the Same as the American Supremacists.


Despite The USA Causing The Death Of Nearly 30 Million Muslims, Islam Was Still Declared The World’s Largest Religion On Mar 31, 2008, Surpassing Roman Catholicism As The World’s Largest Religion, According To A Vatican Newspaper.

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