Triple Cure to White Trinity Disease


Just As Black Trinity Disease Was Defeated Thousands of Years Ago, So Too Can White Trinity Disease Be Eradicated Today. Just As Pharaoh Was Proven Not to be A Black Flesh God, the Same Sea Parting Effort Must Be Made to Prove that Jesus Was Not a White Flesh God.


Your Prescription Our Dear Patient is 3 Easy Pills to Swallow and We Will Give You Plenty of Pure Water to Do So:


  • Learn and Teach that Jesus Was Brown, Not White
  • Learn and Teach that Jesus Was a Prophet and Messiah, Not a Flesh god
  • Learn and Teach that Jesus Did Not Die For Our Sins, We Are Responsible For Our Own Sins, You Will Be Judged For Every Sin You Committed According to Jesus and as Taught by All Prophets Before and After Jesus.