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Introduction: Good News


Dear Patient, It’s Our Heavenly Bliss To Give You The Cure For Racism.  By Curing Racism, You Can Quintuple  the Love In Your Life by Seeing All People as Equal.


The Cure For Racism Will Warm Your Cold Heart and Soul, Removing Your Indifference to Another Human’s Murder based On Their Race. The Cure Can Open You Up to Oceans Of Love in Hearts of Races Other than Yours.


After Decades of Research, We Are Extremely Happy to Have Diagnosed and Isolated the Cause of the Disease and List the Steps For Its Cure. First It’s Our Solemn Necessity To Inform You We’re In The Midst Of A Worldwide Epidemic.


The Plague is Called: “White Trinity Disease”  and it has Taken the Lives of Nearly a Billion Humans. We Will Give You Clear Evidence, Context And Diagnostics Of How the White Trinity Disease Started, Spread,  and Can be Cured!


Being Unable to Love 80% of the Rest of Humanity Based on their Skin Color is a Disease of the Mind, Soul, and Heart that We Will Help You Cure!


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