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Conclusion: Proof The Cure Works


In Finale, These Are The 5 Main Categories that the White Trinity Disease as Exampled by America Is Being Defeated by Islam:


Morality:  As Mathematically Proven, Extremist American Leaders Are 73,000 Times Worse Than Osama Bin Laden. They Even Brag About It, For Example, On May 12, 1996, Madeleine Albright (Then U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations) Stated On TV (60 Minutes Show) That It Was Worth 500,000 Children Under 5 Years Old Dying In Iraq To Impose The Futile Sanctions.


Those Sanctions Coupled with the No Fly Zone Imposed by America Turned Iraq into a Concentration Camp, Collectively Punishing and Starving the Entire Country and USA Leaders Bragged About it.


Further Failings on Morality is that The USA Is Only 5% Of The World’s Population, Yet It Accounts For  25% Of The World’s Prisoners.


The USA Claims That ISIS Has Raped 30,000 Women, Yet Remains Silent About The USA Military Raping Of 500,000 Women.


In The American Public, Nearly 700,000 Adult American Women Are Raped Each Year. That Is 80 Women Raped Per Hour. Underage Girls Raped In America Is Just As Bad, There Are 747,408 Registered Sex Offenders In America, And Nearly 3 Times That Many Not Caught.


Economically:  America Ranks The #1 Country In The Entire World With External Debt. With More Than 50 Islamic Countries Around The World, The Closest One In Debt Ranks # 25 With Turkey Owing $400 Million Compared To America’s $20 Trillion.


Population:   Islam Is Declared The World’s Largest Religion On Mar 31, 2008, Surpassing Roman Catholicism As The World’s Largest Religion, According To A Vatican Newspaper (Proving the Futility of Pope Urban II To present Crusader Terrorists).


The Pew Research Estimates That Islam Will Be The Largest Religion, Outnumbering Both Catholics And Protestants By The End Of The Century, With Nearly 2 Billion Muslims Compared To 300 Million Americans.


Religiously:  The #1 Goal Of The Crusader Christian Terrorists Like Pope Urban II Is To Regain Jerusalem, Namely The Holy Site Known By Jews As The “Temple Mount”, That Til This Day Remains The Islamic Center Masjid Al-Aqsa.


Most Muslim Countries Were Originally Christian Countries, Because As One Of Our Previous Books Details: 200+ Ways The Quran Corrects The Bible, the Vast Majority of those Christians Peacefully and Gratefully Joined Islam.


Further Factual Religious Comparison is that Church Research Documents That Only 16% Of Christians Actually Read The Bible, Whereas Millions Of Muslims Have The Entire Quran Memorized. The First Word and Commandment in the Holy Quran is “Read”.


In Reality, Modern White Trinity Disease is Parallel to Satanism.  Jesus Taught Accountability, but then the Gospel of Paul Along with the Church Distorted the Teaching of Jesus into Complete Forgiveness For Everything Via the Assumed Man-God Committing Suicide.


Turning Christianity into a Satanic Perversion that Anyone Can Kill and Be Forgiven via the Blood of Christ, Thus Making it a Very Fitting Religion for White Christian Terrorist Serial Killers. We Believe Pastors Secretly know this Giant Lie of non-Accountability but Fight the Truth with a Passion to Avoid Their Own Guilt.


Politically:   As The Numerous Failed And Overturned Coups Have Shown, Certain People in Power in America Are Against Democracy, Constantly Trying To Overthrow The Democratically Elected Presidents In Islamic Countries To Put In Lap Dogs That Will Allow America To Vampire Out The Resources From Those Islamic Countries.


Although Islamic Countries Are Very Diverse, 12 Have Elected Female Leaders Whereas As Of Late 2016, America Has Never Allowed A Female President:


  1. Absh Khatun, Sovereign Of The Sulghurid Dynasty
  2. Aisha Al-Hurra, Last Regent Of Moorish Granada
  3. Atifete Jahjaga, Kosovo’s First Female President
  4. Benazir Bhutto, First Female Prime Minister Of Pakistan
  5. Khadija Of The Maldives, Sultan Of Land And Sea And Lord Of The Twelve-Thousand Islands
  6. Khaleda Zia, First Female Prime Minister Of Bangladesh
  7. Megawati Sukarnoputri, President Of Indonesia
  8. Nur Jahan, Empress Of The Mughal India
  9. Sheikh Hasina Wazed, Prime Minister Of Bangladesh
  10. Sultan Kaikhusrau Jahan Ruler Of Bhopal State
  11. Tansu Ciller, Prime Minister Of Turkey, 1993-1996
  12. Turhan Hatice, Valide Sultan Of The Ottoman Empire

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