Defining White Trinity Disease


Ironically, the White Trinity Disease was Originally the Black Trinity Disease Nearly 5,000 Years Ago With the Ancient Egyptians. A Race of Africans Believing They Were Flesh Gods.


The Disease of Mass Enslaving and Murdering Other Races Based on the Notion that One Race is Superior to Another Race was then Defeated by Prophet Moses Preaching That Humans Are Not gods:


“You must not have any other god but me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above” [Exodus 20:3]

“Do not worship any other god” [Exodus 34:14]


Humanity Lived Free For Centuries From the Trinity Disease After Moses Until Nearly 300AD When the Prophet Jesus was Morphed by Greek Scribes into a White Flesh god.


The Love and Equality that Prophet and Messiah Jesus Taught Akin to Prophet Moses was Changed by Followers of the Greek Flesh God Zeus. Turning Monotheism into Blasphemy that Returned the Trinity Disease.


As Modern Christianity Coined the Phrase “Trinity” to Mean the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit Infused in One, The Three Parts of the Trinity Disease Are:

  • Belief in a Flesh God that is in Your Race
  • Being the same Race as the Flesh God Makes You More Superior than those from a Different Race
  • Believing in the Flesh god Protects You From Any Guilt or Hell or Responsibility for Killing others.


Therefore “The Trinity Disease” is Defined as an Amalgamation of Race Superiority  compounded by a Presumed same race Flesh god  that Manifests as an Atonement Towards Committing Genocides on Other Races and Religions.


The Belief in a White Flesh God (As Modern Christianity Propagates) is the Modern Day Virus Equivalent to the Disease that Plagued the Ancient Egyptians’ and Their Victims’ Belief in Black Flesh Gods.


The Most Adherent Followers of the Presumed White Flesh God Jesus are called “White Supremacists” or “White Christian Terrorists”. Leaching onto a warped view of the Christian Religion with The Presumed “White” skin of Jesus.


What Makes White Trinity Disease Worse than Black Trinity Disease and akin to Satanism is the Assertion that the White Flesh God Jesus Died For the Sins of Christians. Thus, All Sins By Christians Are Assumed Forgiven.


Ironically, Satanism Teaches the Same Exact Thing: If You Believe that God Died, You Can Commit All the Sin in the World.  Most Modern Day Churches Presume to be Teaching Righteousness when in Fact They Teach Satanism.


Most Churches Teach that God Looks White like them and They look like God, thus they are God-like compared to Other Races who Don’t Resemble the assumed “White God”, Thus they are infected with the “White Trinity Disease”.

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