When Jesus became a Flesh god


300 Years After Jesus Christ, European Scribes Argued Amongst Themselves On Whether Jesus was a Prophet or a God.  Surrounded by Roman Statues of man gods, the Athanasius and the Arius Disputed Jesus’ manhood.


The Nicene Council of 325 AD Chose the Athanasius’ Falsehood that Jesus was a Flesh god and Banned the  Arianism’s Facts that Jesus was a Prophet. Thus Making Christianity Easier to “Sell” to the Europeans.


With Jesus being a White Flesh god, More Pagan Europeans in the 4th Century Could Accept Jesus, Especially with the Satanic Theory of Atonement that If You Believe the Flesh god Died, All Sins Are Forgiven.


When Trinity Became a Disease


Although Jesus Christ Taught To Love and Respect All, It Was The European Christian Leader, Pope Urban II In 1095 AD Who Originally Twisted Christianity Into A Killer Disease that Was Spread by Crusaders from Europeans to Americans.


The Pope Was Intolerant Of The Harmonious Thriving Life That Jews, Christians, And Muslims Enjoyed In The Islamic City Of Jerusalem During the Seljuq Dynasty.


Pope Urban II Created European Crusaders To Kill Everyone In Jerusalem To Take Control Of The “Holy Land”. Pope Urban II Now Lays In His Grave For Nearly 1,000 Years Today Knowing He Lost, as Jerusalem Is Still An Islamic City.


It’s These Intolerant Deadly European Christian Terrorist Crusaders Descendants Spread Through Europe, Spain, and America. Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) in Rome and then Pope Gregory IX in 1233 Founded the Inquisition, Both Also Guilty of Inspiring Christian Terrorists to Mass Murder Non-Christians.


The Popes Converted the Words of Peace from Jesus into Words of War to Take Resources and Riches From Around the World, Making the Catholic Church One of the Richest Institutions. Preying Upon Their Followers Illiteracy and the Unsuspecting Victims Around the World.


The Most Potent Strain of the Disease Forming as a State Policy  in Britain, France, and Spain. Invading and Enslaving Other Countries and Races and Religions Was their Christian Terrorist Duty Committing Worldwide Genocides. Searching for Non-Christians to Convert or Kill them.


White Christian Terrorist Colonies Started Spreading Worldwide, Who Also Invaded America In 1492.  The Most Relevant and Modern Manifestation of White Trinity Disease is America’s War on Islam.


Just As God Via Prophet Moses Defeated Ancient Egyptians Infected with Black Trinity Disease, So Too Is White Trinity Disease Being Defeated Via Prophet Muhammad.  America Being Infected with the White Trinity Disease Has Started and Lost the War on Islam.

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