Colonial America Versus Africa


First Our Dear Patient, It’s Important To Be Clear On The Origin Of America To Realize How Christian Terrorists Came from Europe with the Mission to Conquer and Deplete America from its citizens by illegal force.

This was in Direct Contradiction to the Love And Equality Taught By Jesus Christ:

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one..” [Galatians 3:28].

These Colonizing Europeans Spread Destruction on the Native Population of America Fueled by The Europeans’ Mental Illness of Racism and Greed, Displaying the White Trinity Disease in Action.


Evidence Will Be Listed One By One on How The White Christian Supremacists’ who constituted America, were Ridden with the Illness of Racism And Greed that incited them to Also Terrorize Islam.


Before America United As A Country In 1776, It Spent Nearly 300 Years As Individual Colonies.  Although America Was Still Divided, They Were Organized Pirates Who Used Stolen People And Resources From Other Countries To Steal More Resources From Additional Countries.


Start Of War: 1619   America First Started Attacking Islam As A Colony In 1619, Nearly 200 Years Before English Propaganda Of Today Falsely Claim Islam Started War With America In 1801.


War Details:   Radical White Christian Terrorists Sailed To Africa To Kidnap Men, Women, And Children, Taking More Than 13 Million Humans With An Estimated 6 Million Being Muslim.


Today If Someone Went To Someone Else’s House, Kidnapping, Enslaving, Raping, And Killing Innocent Men, Women, And Children, They Would Be Executed.


Nearly 6 Million Muslims Were Enslaved And Forced Via Violence And Death To Build America For These White Christian Terrorist Founders. For More Than 200 Years, Muslims and other Fellow Africans have gone through Nearly 4 Generations Of Being Treated Like Subhuman Animals in America.


War Lost:      First, The African Slaves Defeated The White Christian Terrorists By Winning Our Freedom In 1863. Second, The Worst Fear Of America’s Founding Fathers Came True:


“Supposed That If There Be No Religious Test Required, Pagans, Deists, And Mahometans (Muslims) Might Obtain Office Among Us” Clergyman John Swanwick 1786


This White Christian Terrorist Mentality Was Defeated In 1908 When African Americans Won The Right To Vote, Despite Centuries Of Resistance By White Supremacists That Still Linger Today.


The Radical White Christian Terrorists’ Worst Fear Came True In 2008 When An African American Used The Freedom From Slavery In 1863 And Right To Vote In 1908, To Become President Of The USA Using His Muslim Name “Barack Hussein Obama” Given To Him By His Muslim Father From Africa.


Despite this Victory Against the White Trinity Disease, If A Jew Becomes President Of Germany, This Does Not Excuse The Reparations Due For The Christian Terrorist Nazi Holocaust, Nor Does It Excuse The Reparations Due To African Americans For The Twice As Horrible American Holocaust.