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Philippine American War


Start Of War: 1899  To End The Spanish – American War, Spain Gave Their Philippine Colony To America. The Philippines, Like Any Other Humans, Did Not Want To Be Colonized By Anyone, Including The USA.


War Details:   Filipinos Revolted From Being Passed From One Captor To Another. The Philippines With The Assistance Of Muslims In Southern Philippine Fought The USA For More Than A Decade From 1899–1913


War Lost:      On July 4th, 1946, Philippine Won Independence From The USA And The Muslims Regained Their Legitimate Claim To Territories In The Republic Of Philippines.

Syria America Coup


Start Of War 1949: USA Eliminates The Democratically Elected President Of Syria and Replaced with a USA Loyalist.


War Details:   The Syrian President Was Removed To Allow Passage Of An Oil Pipeline.


War Lost:      In 1957, Syrians Regained Control Of Their Government Despite Another Attempted Coup By The Christian CIA That Year.


Iran American Coup


Start Of War: 1953   Operation Ajax Was An American Attack On The Leader Of Iran To Be Replaced By A Pro-American Leader To Gain Control Of Iran’s Oil Fields.

War Details:    Eisenhower With The Assistance Of The British Secret Service, Arrested The Iranian Leader In August 1953, With Reza Shah Pahlavi Being His Western-Backed Replacement. For The American Control Of Iranian Oil So That White Christian Terrorists Benefit While The Millions In Iran Suffer.


War Lost:      Iran Overthrew The Anti-Democracy Terrorists’ Planted Shah In 1979 And Restored Sovereignty And Independence As The Islamic Republic Of Iran.


Indonesia America Coup


Start Of War: 1955  Anti-Democracy Terrorists from America Attempted To Assassinate The Democratically Elected President Of Indonesia


War Details:   Between 1955 To 1957, Anti-Democracy Terrorists Attempted To Kill The Muslim President Of Indonesia For His Alliance With Both The West And China. The Repeated Failed Coup Against Prompted The CIA To Start To Secretly Air Bomb Civilians


War Lost:      Indonesia Was Able To Fire Out Of The Sky The American Christian Terrorist Bombing Plane, Exposing The Secret CIA Operation. America Tried Again In 1965, But Failed Again. The CIA Underestimated The Indonesian Army and this Became One Of The Biggest Failures In The History Of The CIA.


Also, Indonesia, The Largest Muslim Country (Only 27% Of Muslims Are In The Middle East, Much More Are In Asia) Elected A Female President Decades Before The So Called Pro-Women’s Rights USA Ever Did.

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