Reaching Your First 1 Million Converts

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

All praise is due to Allah. We praise Him, seek His guidance, and seek His forgiveness. I bear witness that there is no deity other than Allah alone, and with no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His messenger. Allah sent him with the guidance and the way of truth, that He might raise it above all other ways of life. Allah is sufficient as a witness. May Allah send His prayers and his greetings upon Muhammad and upon the people of Muhammad.


To Love and Equality – You Can Have Much More Love in Your Life When You Believe All Humans Are Equal – May You Be Blessed To See Humanity as an Ocean of Tranquility.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: What’s Missing? 5

Countering Propaganda 6

Escaping the Box 7

Sacrifice 9

Reverse Engineering 10

Strategy 10

Islamic Veterans 11

Answering Christianity 14

Jews for Allah 19

Quran Translation Recitation Contest 31

Canvassing 33

Free Islamic School 34

Islamic Social Network 36

Islamic Love 39

Islamic Caliph 39

Comedy 41

Saving Jesus 42

Equality 45

Conclusion 47

Introduction: What’s Missing?

Love is the word we begin most of our Islamic teachings with. Love counters the Trillions of Dollars in Hate propagated against Islam by the anti-Muslim media. Love is how Elvis and the Beatles started their top hits to reach Millions.

My name is Mohamed Ghounem, the co-founder of Islamic Teachers Union – ITU – – We’re honored and appreciate you allowing us to share more than a dozen samples on how to Teach Islam Outside the Box. We hope you will learn how one Muslim Can Teach the Love of Islam to Millions.

The Goal of this book is to teach all Muslims the Methodology of Creating Alternative Projects to Help Bridge Peace and Understanding with the World. As I stand on the shoulders of many great Muslims and non-Muslims, may this book be your stepping stone to Teach Islam to Millions.

Step one: Observe what’s missing or what can be improved upon. I believe having the mindset of a pioneer or inventor can help you be a more effective and further reaching Islamic Teacher.

For Example; Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of improved on previous ideas such as to come up with a creation to unite billions.

Studying what the top 100 inventors and authors have created and shaping those creations to teach Islam is an exciting process.

You can find many methods to teach Islam to a variety of students and be a pioneer or leader in your education process to help Muslims who come after you have better success in teaching those students.

Countering Propaganda

In your desired approach to Teaching Islam, it’s important to be empathetic to the fact that many non-Muslims are truly brainwashed. Just as the Germans were indoctrinated by Nazi propaganda, we are in a similar position as the Jews were in trying to win the hearts and minds of followers of Hitler.

My bachelors degree is in Communications and my senior thesis in 1996 was “How the Media Stereotypes Muslims”. It was an alarming discovery that the same war tactics of a one sided demonization used against Jews by the Nazis and used by the Americans against the Japanese (pre-Hiroshima) and African Americans (pre-Civil Rights) is being fully applied against Muslims Today.

The Effects of the Negative Propaganda Demonizing Muslims is beyond the boiling point, surpassing the Jewish Holocaust level of victims decades ago.

Millions of Muslims continue to suffer daily because of artificially manufactured ignorance, fear, and misunderstanding towards Islam. Our book “How America Started and Lost the War with Islam”, details the systematic wars and pillaging of resources from Muslims by non-Muslims for centuries.

In this very Moment, Bombs are being dropped by non-Muslims in Muslim countries all over the world. Thus it’s Urgent For All Muslims to Teach how Loving Islam is and counter the methodical propaganda being spewed by war mongers.

Escaping the Box

Muslims have been divided and conquered since 1924 with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, Western Powers boxed Muslims into Colonial controlled regions, emphasizing Nationalism more than Community (Ummah) to continue dividing and conquering.

Every Country in the World Can Have a Majority of Happy and Healthy United Muslims if our so called Muslim leaders – who are fortified in their palaces – spent the Trillions of dollars, euros, riyals, and pounds helping Muslims and Teaching non-Muslims instead of instead of wasting and burning the money on parties and nationalistic pride.

Western puppets controlling Muslim countries still uphold laws from when Islamic countries were colonized by Western terrorists; Outlawing teaching Islam to non-Muslims. This mindset has been passed down generations to our parents, unknowingly trying to “contain” Islam.

The Key Strategy of Teaching Islam Outside the Box is to realize that Muslims have been boxed in for Centuries. From invading colonists outlawing teaching Islam in Muslim countries – to Christian Slave owners whipping, torturing, and hanging any Islamic identity away from nearly 40% of the enslaved Africans to Modern Christian Crusaders Killing, Torturing, and Imprisoning Muslims in Abu Ghraib.


The other box the non-Muslims try to contain Islam with is the false labels of ‘all Muslims are terrorists’ with their broad media brush using identical propaganda as the Nazis.

The Need to Teach Islam’s Love and Unity for Humanity is more important than ever. The Need to Teach Islam Outside the Box Can Help Millions Love Islam.



The second step to being an Excellent Islamic teacher is your willingness to sacrifice everything. One of my favorite and most encouraging Islamic teachers is El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X).

Although brother El Shabazz was warned against teaching an Islamic class on 2/21/1965, being told his life is in danger, Mr. El Shabazz continued his mission to help Muslims.


We are not encouraging knowingly putting ourselves in danger, but great Islamic teachers that become timeless and reach millions come from a passion of knowing that helping present and future Muslims is more important than one individual.

The willingness to sacrifice time and money is a prerequisite. The combined projects we created were mostly self-funded and required 16 hours a day for more than a decade to create.

In addition, the mental focus must be devout. Just researching an Islamic project can take up to 5 years and exploring many libraries and bookstores worldwide. You can do it brothers and sisters and Love Every second of it.

Reverse Engineering

The third step to create a project that can help teach Islam to millions is to dissect a successful project from its present state of success all the way back to its origin.

Others have spent decades to learn what steps work, and the fruits of their labor are apparent by the millions they help.

Using similar wording, imagery, and strategies of the most successful professors can be excellent for your students too.

We are not trying to encourage copyright infringements, instead we are stating you must learn from the best to be the best. Great pioneers do openly share their steps from start to finish.


First, whether your Islamic teaching projects blossoms into books or schools or masjids or missionary groups, if you don’t have a business plan, then you plan to fail.

Therefore the best strategy for breaking outside the box is to approach teaching Islam with a step by step plan, ideally the same way Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught Islam:

  1. With complete confidence that the Truth prevails
  2. It’s a life duty to Teach Islam to non-Muslims
  3. Research and Approach groups peacefully who don’t know the Truth about Islam, communicate with them rather than passively wait for them to communicate with you.
  4. Give Samples of Miracles and Share stories of Famous people who accepted Islam.
  5. With patience, endure criticism, if the criticism continues, then respond to those acting like bees with honey.
  6. Assign the best people you can find to key roles in the Islamic teaching efforts; Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) built a team, your organization will need full time workers in key capacities such as fundraising, marketing, and appointment setting.
  7. Have a worldwide perspective, the passion and desire to bless every born Muslim human being to hear and understand the Quran and cleanse their soul of non-Islamic teachings so they can revert to Islam.

Islamic Veterans

What’s Missing? The media emphasizes two words on polar opposites of the vocabulary spectrum: “Terrorists” and “Veterans”. These two words have a clear distinction in the American public’s minds to be a fight between Good and Evil.

What’s missing is that Muslims are Exclusively labeled as Terrorists even though Christians in America commit more than 90% of all terrorism. Christians are Exclusively labeled as the Veterans, ignoring the thousands of Islamic Veterans in America.

This intentional media propaganda is to continue the war mongering profits costing trillions to American tax payers and millions of Muslim lives. Islamic Veterans serve and sacrifice and suffer twice as much in the US Military because of the abuses against them.

In 1991 – in my early 20’s – upon seeking employment and a way to help pay for college, I signed up to the US Army National Guard. Although the Gulf War was over before my 3 month boot camp was completed – I still have occasional combat PTSD from the boot camp drill sergeant – Singling me out for daily abuse – telling me things such as “We just burned a whole bunch of your kind in the Gulf war” While having me do 10 times more strenuous and painful drills.

The Gold Star Khan Family (Parents of a US Military Muslim son who served in Iraq and lost his life) were mocked by Donald Trump during the election in 2016. This backfired on Trump as his rating and popularity dropped during this time. Islamic Veterans Proved to be the one counter weight to Trump’s constant discriminatory comments that All Muslims should be banned because Islam hates America and that all Muslims are Terrorists.


One Muslim Dropped Trump’s Rating Down 10% in 2016

Reverse Engineering: CAIR: The wonderful coalition of Islamic lawyers advocating for Muslims’ rights in America, have created a national network, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

A coalition of Islamic Veterans should do the same. Having served for America, Islamic Veterans should serve their American Muslim community by letting the public know there are more Islamic Veterans than so called Islamic terrorists.

There is a war of labels and the bulls eye target needs to be removed from Muslims so the evil propaganda spewing war mongers and be revealed. Therefore a group similar to CAIR that is countering the ‘Islamic Terrorist’ label that our kids are bullied with daily, needs to be reversed by Islamic Veterans.

If 10 terrorists can change the entire label of Millions of Muslims, then 1,000 Islamic Veterans can change it back. Call in to news stations, radio stations, politicians and tell them as an Islamic veteran, you don’t appreciate their racist and prejudices of not labeling Christians as Terrorists and ignoring the Islamic veterans.

Answering Christianity

What’s Missing? Upon returning to America after studying at Al Azhar University in Egypt, I felt as the Christians would say; a “Born Again” Muslim. My happiness of being a Muslim and wanting to quickly share the tranquility and Divine Harmony of Islam with the world was Urgent.

Coincidently, I heard a speech by Murad Wilfried Hofmann, a Catholic German Diplomat who accepted Islam and wrote the book “Islam 2000”. Brother Hofmann shared that to Teach Islam to the masses, use the internet.

So in 1997, fresh off the plane, I returned to America having shed my Assimilation in Egypt and happily became an Islamic teacher. Upon going online to share Islam, I was quickly struck by a wasp hive of people attacking Islam, namely from a group employed by the site

Saddened by the aggressive spreading of lies and hate towards Islam by Christian groups, I joined their debate forum to counter their claims. It was a David vs. Goliath scenario because at the time, the Internet was 98% Christian, reflecting the American population.

The staff at the Christian websites are full time paid church employees vs me, a recent college graduate without income. There was an average 100 to 1 ratio of paid employees attacking Islam vs. 1 volunteer defending Islam and countering their claims with Bible comparisons.

The Christian groups were years ahead of any Muslim efforts to Teach Islam online. had created an online reference library that included the top 20 Muslims they deemed challenging and used excerpts from their Islamic books and websites attempting to refute their claims against Christianity.

In addition to comparing the Bible and Quran, this Church group took it a step further by also taking what Muslim scholars were saying about the Bible and Quran in an attempt to invalidate them too. This pioneering outreach against Muslims was founded by the co-Author of “Answering Islam” Norman Geisler.

Reverse Engineering: Norman Geisler’s work was the top comparative religion efforts at the time. Mr. Geisler was also the founder and president of 2 Evangelical colleges.

I was excited to learn that Mr. Geisler was going to be giving a speech at a church about 2 hours away from me. On a brisk Connecticut morning, I drove while listening to Mr. Geisler’s audio book against Islam, heading to a large church in New Jersey.

At the church, I sat in the front row to meet live in person the man who was spreading hate against Islam online more than any other person. After Mr. Geisler’s seething speech against Islam got many applauses and the large church crowd began to disperse, I approached Mr. Geisler.

He nearly jumped back, perhaps in fear, when I introduced myself as an Islamic teacher. I could barely talk with my heart pounding with adrenaline, feeling like Robert De Niro in the movie “Raging Bull” telling Sugar Ray “you never got me down”..

Mr. Geisler’s fragile smile turned upside down when I informed him I’m working on projects to counter his efforts. This wise man’s fear of me did not come from a physical attack, it was sensing my energy was as bright as a sun compared to his dwindling dark star. I drove back to CT happy, knowing I faced ‘Oz’ and can tower him in Truth.

After a few years of debating Christians, I started to see a pattern that the contradictions in the Bible were actually answered / corrected / completed by the Quran. The Quran was indeed the Criterion of the Bible:

“And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it. So judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth. To each of you We prescribed a law and a method.” (Quran 5:48)

The list of ways the Quran corrects the Bible kept growing the more I spent time doing research on the parallel topics. First, I reached 50 ways, then surprisingly 100 ways, and then with continued focus and effort, the list grew to more than 200 Ways the Quran Corrects the Bible.

By reverse engineering Answering Islam, I gathered all the Books by Norman Geisler that Defended Christianity such as “When Skeptics ask: The Bible Answers”. This book along with the top Bible concordances and defenders of trinity were instrumental in finding more contradictions in the Bible.

From this, we knew we had to take Islamic Comparative Religion research to an entirely new level, so we created 4 books in 1:

  1. Listing the contradictions in the Bible
  2. Listing the excuses the top Christian scholars gave for the Bible errors.
  3. Answering Christianity: Refuting the excuses by Top Bible scholars.
  4. Listing How the Quran Solves and Completes the missing Elements in the Bible.

The entire book is available to share in 4 languages for free at

Sacrifice: A few years after printing the book, we (My lovely sister Mona Ghounem [editor, publicist, and #1 supporter] noticed that book sales practically halted. Upon further research, we discovered that someone had photocopied the entire book and uploaded the copy on to torrent sites to be downloaded for free.

The second copyright violation we found is that someone had copied the entire text and created a facebook page that had thousands of fans for the book:

Although it would’ve been a dream to write Islamic books full time for a living, I decided not to dispute the infringements so the research could help thousands for free.

Strategy: I was blessed that this book translated and marketed itself, as people voluntarily took the book and put it in multiple languages and reprinted thousands of copies worldwide. Albeit excluding me from any income, I do ask Allah to make it beneficial for the Ummah (Islamic community) and for no-Muslims to learn about Islam and how the Quran is the completion of all previous Books.

The methodology for publishing books has evolved tremendously since the 1990’s. My first book was called “Who’s Our Savior: Allah or Jesus” After submitting the manuscript to many publishers, both Muslim and non-Muslims, the polite ones sent a rejection letter, rather than not hearing back anything.

I felt sharing this book with the world was a matter of life and death as my immediate intention was to Educate Christians to stop bombing Muslims worldwide based on their fear and misunderstanding of Islam and Muslims.

Being dissed by publishers in America, I went to Egypt to self-print hundreds of copies, then went back to America with suitcases full of the books to distribute them for free to libraries, relatives, and friends. Now there are on demand self-publishing websites that distribute your books to all major vendors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes, etc.) with zero upfront cost.

We use, they are partners with and their interface accepts various document and cover formats and they provide templates for both the interior and exterior.

We recently created as an Islamic edition of but to also help fellow authors with the self-publishing process. Cover design, typesetting, proof reading, and marketing are a few of the services available, so please feel free to contact us with your next book.

In addition to the logistics, the tone of your Islamic Teaching project should be peaceful. The original title “200+ Ways The Quran Corrects the Bible” is still in print, but we have tried to evolve the tone with a newer edition called: “The Bible, The Quran, and Miracles” Comparing how the Quran adds the missing pieces to the Bible like Dmitri Mendeleev discovered missing elements in the Periodic Table.

Our newest pending edition is called “Completing the Bible: 200+ Mysteries Solved by the Christian Scholars or the Quran?” but this book – giving birth to the process of giving birth – decided to be born first..

Jews for Allah

What’s Missing? One of our most passionately focused on pioneering Islamic teaching projects was Jews for Allah (, epitomizing 3 of the 4 steps to Teaching Islam outside the box.

In 1999, while debating Christian scholars online, a fellow Muslim in a comparative religion forum asked where’s the Islamic version of ‘Jews for Jesus’?

That question caused a spark in me, planting a seed that started a 5 year research to teach Islam to Jews by building Jews for Allah.

To Our Shameful Dismay – 1,390 years after Prophet Muhammad taught and exemplified how to invite Jews to Islam – and with 300 Million Arab Muslims Surrounding Israel – there was no outreach to teach Jews Islam and to our surprise, there was no Muslim made Hebrew or Yiddish translation of the Quran or Islamic Teaching Material for Jews.

The only info on Islam in Hebrew or Yiddish was Israeli made. We already know what Jews did with the teachings of Prophets Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them):

“How can you say, ‘We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us’? But, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie.” (Jeremiah 8:8)”

Coincidentally, there was another uprising against the Jewish apartheid terrorists murdering Muslims in Palestine during that same time. Observing that any reciprocal violence against Jews has not worked since Jews invaded Palestine in 1948, an approach other than the norm had to be implemented.

The only method being used by Muslims in 1999 – against the Tanks, Fighter Jets and US made Apache Helicopters used by Jews to Demolish Entire buildings still occupied by Muslim families and their children – was to strap on explosives and blow ourselves up near Jews as resistance.

This method is still being used today by so-called Muslims and it must be clarified by all Islamic teachers that it’s primitive. No different than cavemen throwing rocks at each other. The modern tactic of research and communication using the internet and social media – curing with the pen – needs to be taught to past, present, and future generations.

The death ratio between Jews and Muslims in Palestine has been consistently disproportionate, with Jews bemoaning in the media that they are the victims while 10,000 Palestinians would be murdered compared to 1,000 Jews.

Palestine having been previously colonized by British invaders, still outlawed inviting Jews to Islam, contradicting the instructions and methods of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who himself taught Islam to Jews:

“It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira who said: We were (sitting) in the mosque when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) came to us and said: (Let us) go to the Jews.

We went out with him until we came to them. The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) stood up and called out to them (saying): O ye assembly of Jews, accept Islam “Book 019, Number 4363

The Prophet Muhammad also coordinated with Jewish converts to Islam to bring more Jews to Allah:

“The Prophet kept me (Al-Husayn ibn Sailam) in one of his rooms and invited the prominent Jewish personalities to visit him. He introduced Islam to them and urged them to have faith in God…They began to dispute and argue with him about the Truth. When he realized that they were not inclined to accept Islam, he put the question to them:

‘What is the status of Al-Husayn ibn Sailam among you?’

(the Jewish elite responded) ‘He is our leader, rabbi and our scholar’

(Then Muhammad said) ‘If you come to know that he has accepted Islam, would you accept Islam also?’.

(the non-Muslim Jews said) ‘God forbid! He would not accept Islam. May God protect him from accepting Islam,’ (horrified).

At this point I (Al-Husayn ibn Sailam) came out in full view of them and announced: ‘O assembly of Jews! Be conscious of God and accept what Muhammad has brought. By God, you certainly know that he is the Messenger of God and you can find prophecies about him and mention of his name and characteristics in your Torah. I for my part declare that he is the Messenger of God. I have faith in him and believe that he is true. I know him.’ Volume 5, Book 58, Number 250: Narrated Anas bin Malik:

Therefore based on the Example of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), We must teach Islam to the Jews and we can utilize famous Jews from History who did become Muslims as examples.

While Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries – as a spigot in the throat of the Middle East – most Arab countries Outlaw inviting Jews to Islam. Instead, Billions and Trillions are spent on Weapons sold by the war mongering West who installed the laws outlawing dialog and who encourage the animosity between Jews and Muslims with chronically failing peace talks while giving nods to the Jews to expand their internationally illegal settlements.

Trillions in resources of the Muslim Community’s inheritance was spent on Weapons fearing Israel. An artificial atmosphere of terror created by the West to sell weapons to the Arab puppets placed in power since the days of colonial ruled Middle East.

So if we think outside of the box that Muslims are being choked in, we realize that Teaching Islam to Jews is the Real Peace Talks while following the so called advice of Western Warmongers; Banning Religious Dialog and Divert funds from communication instead to Weapons – Will Kill all of us.

Jews and Muslims lived in Harmony for Centuries in Palestine until the Crusader terrorists came from Britain to divide and conquer Jewish and Muslim love.

Animosity and Rage Escalated when the Western Christians annexed parts of Palestine for the Jewish Holocaust Survivors – Muslims were forced to become homeless refugees – thus not welcoming to Jews.

Jews equated those not welcoming to the Nazis – Both Muslims and Jews blaming each other rather than the Christian Terrorists who started both the wars in Germany and Palestine.

There Was a Giant and Deadly Void being ignored by all Muslims thinking inside the box. The Walls of the box, erected both physically and mentally came from fear and animosity from both sides. We need to overcome the fear and seek encouragement from the Holy Quran:

“And there are, certainly, among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians), those who believe in Allah, and that which has been revealed to you and in that which has been revealed to them, humbling themselves before Allah: They will not sell the Revelations of Allah for a miserable gain! For them is a reward with their Lord, and Allah is swift in account.” {Holy Quran 3:199}

Jews can put up walls blocking out all Muslims around them, but that does not block the internet, use the power of the digital pen to Teach Every Jew about the Beauty, Acceptance, and Love of Islam.

Reverse Engineering: Fighting was Causing 10,000 Muslims in Palestine to be murdered compared to only 1,000 Jews – while the Muslims were still also losing their land and becoming imprisoned.

It should have been obvious that throwing rocks, fighting, or blowing themselves up was not working. In the meantime, the constant animosity and misunderstandings was seething between both Children of Abraham. We’ve Learned this is the wrong way to Teach Islam.

A pioneering Jewish convert to Christianity named Moishe Rosen started a group in 1973 called “Jews for Jesus”. 30 years later, they claimed to have 300,000 Jews leave Judaism and become Christian.

This was mind boggling and encouraging at the same time:

“How can a strict Monotheist such as a Jew, be convinced to follow a flesh god (as Christianity portrays Jesus)? If a Jew can accept a man as their God as Christianity teaches, then surely it will be 100 times Easier to invite Jews to Monotheism in Islam.”

The goal became using similar tactics and methodology as Jews for Jesus with the confidence that their 300,000 converts to Christianity can be 100 fold to be 3 Million Jewish converts to Islam.

Therefore the blueprint was already in place, and needed to be studied and followed. ‘Jews for Jesus’ in 1973 used the same method as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in 609 AD: Listing and emphasizing Jewish converts as a pathway for more converts to follow.

It was challenging to get past and present names and testimonies of Jewish converts to Islam. For decades there has been the Western inspired animosity between the Jews and Muslims, seeing each other as Nazis.

In fact, When a Jew would submit their Shahada (Story of Accepting Islam) to be added to the website, within a month they’d ask to remove it because of the Death Threats they received from fellow Jews.

Thus, Researching centuries of Jewish converts to Islam was necessary to legitimately surpass the testimonies being listed on ‘Jews for Jesus’

Our aim was to be 100 times bigger in a shorter time period than an organization that had a 30 year head start! Despite the Christian Crusaders and Christian Nazis, Jews still had a tendency to befriend Christians rather than Muslims who shielded Jews from Crusaders and Nazis for centuries.

The advantage ‘Jews for Jesus’ had over ‘Jews for Allah’ were few but significant:

  1. First and foremost; there is a monumental discrepancy in the funding and budget of Jews for Jesus Vs. Jews for Allah. Jews for Allah received less than 5 hundred dollars a year in donations, totaling less than 3 thousand dollars in donations, in comparison to the over 22 million dollars in donations Jews for Jesus receives on a yearly basis with a working yearly budget of over 24 million dollars. Many Muslims have the wealth and means to donate to Islamic Dawah causes, but why aren’t they?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated:

“The two feet of the son of Adam will not move on the Day of Judgement in front of his Lord until he is asked about five things: about his life, and how he spent it? And about his youth, what did he consume it in? And about his money, how did he earn it? And what did he spend it on? And how much did he act upon what he knew?”

Donations to be able to fund these projects are essential, yet you can still reach a million without raising a million dollars.

Eventually, after working day and night, with less than a handful of assistance or proper funding for 5 years, we were able to be ranked #6 in Google for the keyword “Jews” and #1 for the keyword “Allah” and we gathered and created more than 2,000 articles Teaching Islam specifically for Jews.

Our Teaching efforts inviting Jews to Islam gained international recognition from worldwide media outlets, magazines, and newspapers, including CNN and the New York Times. I had interviews, was asked to speak at Islamic centers for the first time, and was able to help thousands of Jews learn Islam.

Unfortunately, I could not continue working 16 hours a day, on a regular basis, for 5 years, dedicating myself, exhausting my own resources, with less than $500 in donations a year, but regardless, the mission was accomplished to create an extensive online library for you, the reader, and future Islamic Teachers to use our material to Teach Jews Islam.

Sacrifice: Admittingly – as a Muslim – I was intimidated by putting my faith and life on the line to create the Jews for Allah organization that would debate Rabbis one on one.

I honestly drove around expecting a US made Apache Helicopter to blow up my car at any moment (the equivalent of today’s drone strikes) because I was helping thousands of Jews leave Judaism to become Muslim.

Muslims’ entire apartment buildings were being blown up just over the death of one Jew in Palestine so my moments were numbered I thought. That actually encouraged me to write and teach more, as I’m doing now with this book. Possibly called the Tupac effect?

We had a reason to be mindful of the magnitude of our work and it’s potential consequences, as It’s a Jewish law to kill someone trying to convert Jews away from Judaism:

“If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” – You must certainly put them to death. Your hand must be the first in putting them to death, and then the hands of all the people. Stone them to death, because they tried to turn you away from the Lord your God” (Deuteronomy 13:6-10)

The Genius of Moishe Rosen in Creating Jews for Jesus – was that homage was still being paid to the ethnicity of a Jew whereas what direction a Jew faced to pray was not a life or death matter.

Although debatable, the word “Jew” has a dual meaning. One can either be an ethnically Jewish or a follower of Judaism. According to the majority accepted meaning; you can be a Jew if your mother is a Jew or if you accept Judaism, thus defining the designation of being a Jew can come from Either race or religion.

Contradicting the Bible, Jews Devolved into caring more about their ethnicity – Having had Nazis spend a decade trying to strip the world of Jewish identity.

To appease Jews’ desperate need – caused by historical traumas from Pharaoh to Hitler – to cling to their Jewish identity – Just as Jews for Jesus ingeniously did – we created the slogan “Ethnically Jewish, Religiously Muslim”

Every group has a rich culture that they value, thus they may become hostile if you’re trying to take away their culture, thus keeping the focus on the similarities of our religions rather than name changing maybe the key for some groups.

Modern Jews value an atheist Jew as much as a Messianic (Christian) Jew as much as an Orthodox Jew –Peculiarly; Islamic Jews not so much – the ongoing land battle isn’t helping – Ironically, although the Christians wiped out half the Jews of the world, the Jews now befriend Christians over Muslims because of the West’s support for Israel.

Theoretically based on the modern Jews’ selective Memory – If Muslims donated Palestine to the Jews – One Million Jews would become Muslim.

Jews quickly forgot the Christian Terrorist Nazis and Crusaders after the Christians ripped parts of Palestine from Muslims to give to Jews. Jews then intertwined with the same religion that was turning them into candles less than a decade earlier. Millions of Jews melted into the American society, calling themselves Judeo-Christian.

If Jews can quickly forgive and intertwine with a society after given a piece of land, then what if they’re given an entire country? Muslims have more than 50 countries, what if one was given to the Jews?

With the ultimate goal of Muslims being to help the world have Peace – Islam – then All of Palestine in Exchange for Peace and Love with the Jews, here are the outside the box benefits:

  1. When Christians gave partial land to Jews, hundreds of thousands of Jews became Christian. Theoretically, without the land fight between Jews and Muslims.
  2. With a Million Jews in Israel, eventual they will use their voting rights to unite Israel with all Muslim countries.
  3. The major media outlets owned by – do we really have to spell it out? – will then change their tune from demonizing Muslims as terrorists into Loving Peace makers.
  4. When Jews and Muslims lived in harmony prior to the land battle in Palestine created by Christian terrorists, Muslims were united as a Caliphate (One State).

Modern Jews feverishly oppose a Caliphate and aim to destroy Muslim countries one by one, just to have Palestine, just as in a game of chess, it’s best to sacrifice a tower to neutralize an opposing Queen.

  1. Sadly, Jews orchestrating, inspiring, causing, manipulating wars against Muslims (Israeli intelligence giving false Evidence for American Christian Crusaders to attack Iraq) that then spilled over into war in Syria, that has caused Millions of Muslims to suffer and die and be refugees into other Muslim countries – The Trillions being spent on all sides could be spent instead to rehouse Muslims from Palestine into luxury mansions anywhere in the world – Instead the warmongers are in the mansions while many from all sides are in graves.

This is only a theory, of course it would be opposed by many, but it is a logical solution to have millions more love Islam. Rather than having Israel be a spigot in the throat of Muslims, accept and swallow the blockage – pride. Many may see it as a sign of weakness, we ask, how is the Islamic world doing today compared to when Jews and Muslims lived in peace for centuries? It is strength to cut of a part of the body with cancer than let the entire body suffer.

Of course the ideal solution and focus of this book is to help the 300 Million Muslims surrounding Israel and nearly 2 Billion Muslims world wide all reach out to every Jew to Teach the peace and love of Islam to neutralize the Jews’ hate and fear of Muslims, but sacrifice is a part of the process.

For example, When Teaching Islam to Jews, we did not pretend to be a Jew to avoid death, it was openly known and made public to interviewers that I was born Muslim, I did mention that my middle name is Mussa (Moshie), and maybe that connection helped save my life..

Having been recently married and with a new child, I did live in fear and thought some of the reporters were undercover Mossad agents who were going to kill me or poison me during the interviews as they have terrorized hundreds of Muslim brothers and sisters for resisting apartheid, even if done so peacefully.

AlNaseeb (fate) did not have it where I’d have an understanding wife whose husband sat on the couch or bed writing endlessly for hours and years with a bedroom full of papers and books with minimum income. I guess there was legitimately 2 sides to that previous marriage. For Islamic teachers who create or continue similar projects: marry a fund raiser or keep your day job in case the billionaire Muslims would rather buy bombs than fund pens.

Simultaneously, During the rise of Jews for Allah was the peak of rage between Jews and Muslims, therefore neither side was interested in exchanging money to help the other. Also as an individual creating more than 2,000 pages of content full time, searching for donors was an additional full time job that I should’ve made more of an effort to recruit for.

Although there were great sacrifices, it was a project and experience that I loved and would do a million times over. Although I have moved on to other projects such as ITU, I still dream of the day to have the funding to open an actual center in the midst of densely populated Jewish areas in both New York and Israel to invite Jews to Allah.

Strategy: The reason Jews for Allah encompasses only 3 of the 4 methods for Teaching Islam outside the box is because when the organization was at its peak popularity within it’s 5th year, I did not leverage the popularity to recruit volunteers, ask more for donations, or advertise for fundraisers.

It’s understandable to be 100% focused on the Teaching aspect of your Islamic project, but the team you build is to help sustain your teaching. Society is not free, with a wife and kids to support, you must balance your time, or time will do it for you.

Quran Translation Recitation Contest

What’s Missing? My favorite Quran reciter is Sheikh Abdul-Basit ‘Abdel-Samad, I maybe bias since he’s from Egypt too. Judges worldwide have agreed that he is one of the best reciters as Sheikh Abdel Samad won three world Qira’at competitions in the early 1970s.

abdul basit

Sheikh Abdel Samad was also the first Quran reciter to publish his recitation recordings to be distributed worldwide. I am still a student of Quranic Arabic so along with the Recitations, I also listen to the accompanying audio translation by Ibrahim Walk.

The combination of the Arabic Quran Arabic with English translation afterwards is like going from hot water to cold water over and over for every verse. Sheikh Abdel Samad Recites Passionately in Arabic while Mr. Walk Recites in monotone English.

There is no sin in saying the English translation of the Quran with passion and energy so the whole world can hear and understand the translation of the Quran enthusiastically. All known English translation of the Quran in audio are monotone, so how can the English speaking audience retain attention or enjoy the experience of learning or understanding the translation of the Quran.

Reverse Engineering: The Gospel in English is actually a Translation of the original language Jesus spoke – Aramaic – that is now extinct. Yet Preachers who recite the Gospel in English do so which just as much excitement and passion as the Arabic Reciters with the Quran.

By listening to the top Gospel translators such as Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Joel Osteen, John Piper, and many more, then Quran translators can recite the English audio in the same passion to attract Millions.

Strategy: The same method to attract the best Arabic Reciters will work to Attract the best English translation reciters. A monetary prize of any afforded amount would be worth it to potentially teach Islam to Millions of non-Arabic listeners.

If you are someone of affluence or an organizer, then announce the contest at your local Islamic centers, hold auditions, and put the auditions on to attract more contestants.



What’s Missing? Nearly 70% of Americans never met a Muslim in person, therefore Americans can’t register Muslims as humans having never met one.

A recent research discovered that after meeting a group or race that you previously had biases against, your prejudices decreased after the in person interaction. With the current racism against Arabs and Deadly hate towards Muslims, meeting non-Muslims in your neighborhoods and beyond will decrease the boiling rage against Muslims.

Reverse Engineering: The research by David Broockman at Stanford University and Joshua Kalla at the University of California Berkeley, discovered how simple conversations can help combat Americans wanting to kill people they don’t understand.

In the research, people canvassed the homes of more than 500 voters in South Florida. With a 10 minute, non-confrontational conversation, research found that people changed their prejudices.

With Muslims being in a life and death position in and outside of America and being at risk of being banned from and within America, taking the time to be proactive and chat with your neighbors can save lives.

Free Islamic School

What’s Missing? The disparity of wealth in the Islamic world is worse than the disparity between the rich and poor in Capitalism as Western placed colonial puppets are sitting as fat mosquitos on all the Muslim children worldwide. Our current so called Islamic leaders worldwide have spent Trillions of dollars combined on their palaces and parties while Muslim children worldwide struggle to eat, survive, and learn.

The Majority of Military Dictators Occupying Islamic countries are wasting billions on their family having the largest boats, fastest cars, fortified palaces, while the majority of Muslim children in their countries and worldwide suffer from lacking basic human needs, including Education.

Reverse Engineering: There are many countries with excellent political structures including term limits and are able to fairly distribute the wealth to have both free health care and education.

There are 6 countries that offer free college to the citizens; Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, and France. We are not advocating to be identical to any of these countries, only to do as Islam teaches us in respects to travel and learn to see what would work best for the Ummah (Muslim Community).

The Current political systems in the Muslim world have failed worse than Capitalism. Many Muslim countries are dependent upon other countries to survive, with statistics for mortality rates, education levels, and job opportunities, being worse than most other political systems worldwide.

Lacking safeguards against corruption directly affects whether all of our children can afford to be schooled or fed or be able to travel safely. You can make the best product or political system by reverse engineering and learning from the best systems currently in place, and then improving upon them wherever they may lack, ie: tolerance of other, etc.

Strategy: The Dictatorship government of Egypt with the Western puppet Husain Mubarak was finally toppled and it all started from a social media post. The pen is mightier than the sword. Continue to educate people about injustices.

Continue to protest inequality and the corruption that starves our children from food and education. Protest Peacefully, Mahatma Gandhi did in 1947, by defeating the British Empire in India, so can you defeat injustices peacefully. Every human being would be a lot more powerful and have far more reaching effects being a teacher than ever being a terrorist.

Islamic Social Network

What’s Missing? There’s been a few Islamic social networks that have come and gone. The current monster sized social network was made by a Jew; Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

Facebook lacks the apathy or filters to protect Muslims from non-Islamic ads, hate speech as well as groups against Muslims. Creating an Islamic Social Network to Connect & Unite Muslims will benefit Muslims in 10 Ways:

1) Islamic social network to connect Muslim refugees around the world to Muslim homes willing to sponsor them and Islamic charities willing to support them and free Islamic book information on how to navigate the bureaucracy of immigration in their new countries.

2) Islamic social network combined with Muslims Against Terrorism “” to Counter Terrorism Proving to Our Youth that the Pen is and always will be Mightier than the Sword.

3) Islamic social network with one of the largest collection of Islamic books to download for Free and help Muslim authors use the pen instead of the sword to edit, publish, and market their book(s).

4) Islamic social network to find and post Volunteer work to help Islamic Causes and charities.

5) Islamic social network combined with to provide free Islamic school material and connect the most qualified Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies Teachers worldwide to share the best way to teach the Quran, Islam, and Arabic to Muslims and non-Muslims.

6) Islamic social network Employment section to help Muslims find Halal employment.

7) Islamic social network to Help Islamic centers with a Phone book directory and online Calendar to promote Events and live stream Khutbahs

8) Islamic social network promoting Health For Muslims with Free Islamic Cook Books for Halal food and listing Free Health Clinics

9) Islamic social network promoting single eligible Muslims to complete half their deen with an Islamic marriage section

10) Islamic social network with a Free Media section for Islamic Audio books and videos and interactive books and crossword puzzles and games for children and adults teaching Islam and the Quran.

The 3 Top Reasons for a peace oriented Islamic Social Network:

1) Most of the extremist terrorism has been hurting and killing Muslims more than anyone else, so in addition to teaching non-Muslims how Islam is a religion of mercy and how love is more powerful than hate, the message of peace and unity needs to start among Muslims.

2) Since the division of the Ottoman Empire, Trillions of dollars have been spent to keep Muslims divided, so an equally strong effort needs to be done to Unite Muslims.

3) has upset many Muslims by refusing to remove hate groups against Islam, with groups such as “F’ Islam” and “Destroy Islam” and “Islam is Evil”, and many more still recruiting anti-Muslims on

These are terrorist sites against Muslims promoting hate against Islam and not banned or removed by who has gotten thousands of requests by Muslims to remove these terrorist hate groups. What if the word “Islam” in these hate groups was replaced with “F’ Jews” or “Destroy America”, then they would be instantly removed as terrorist groups.

With having a double standard that allows terrorist hate groups against Islam and subjecting Muslims to random spontaneous ads with nearly naked women in bikinis and other non-Islamic ads, the need for an all in one is overdue.

We Love Helping Muslims, it is Our Passion to Promote Equality and Counter the negative Stereotyping Propaganda Against Muslims. Our opposition are spending Billions of Dollars to promote the message that an Israeli’s life is more valuable than a Palestinian or Syrian, a Christian’s life is more valuable than a Muslim. Uniting for Equality is what All Previous Oppressed groups have done to survive, we must do the same. is seeking partnerships, advisers, and board members. With Muslims estimated to reach more than 2 billion within the next decade, there is the potential to have the membership twice as big as

Islamic Love

What’s Missing? A very common Christian missionary phrase is “Jesus loves you”, leaving the Muslim bewildered because Christians are very selective with Bible verses and when it suits them, they will ignore half the Bible.

Reverse Engineering: A detailed side by side Comparison of love in the Bible compared to Love in the Quran shows that Islam is 101 Ways More Loving than Christianity.

Strategy: In the book “101 Ways Islam Gives Love to the Bible” Muslims can Respond to the claim “Jesus Loves you” with the statement “and Allah Loves You”

Love in Islam is mutual compared to Love in Christianity being selfish. Christian love equates to the Evil act of murdering their flesh god, whereas Love in Islam is being Appreciative for all the Blessings Allah has Bestowed, including Saving Jesus.

Love in Islam promotes Justice whereas love in Christianity, we are all as equally evil as Trump or Hitler or Serial Killers. Love in Islam is that the disease of sin is not passed from child to child by the parents, instead Love in Islam is that we are all born Cured and a Pure Muslim (in submission to God).

Islamic Caliph

What’s Missing? On March 3, 1924, the last Islamic Caliph Abdülmecid II was sent into exile by those who divided and conquered the Ottoman Empire. Since then, there has been a dispute between Shia and Sunni if the Caliph should be from a certain lineage or elected.

Not to take sides, but… here are the facts to support electing a Caliph:

  1. To claim lineage takes precedence over experience and talent and skills is the same as saying Prophet Muhammad was not an equal human, thus Deifying our prophet and being no different than the Christians turning Jesus into a flesh god.
  2. Islam teaches to learn to improve, if we learn about various candidates from around the world, then we can improve the unhealthy conditions for Muslims worldwide.
  3. There was no DNA kits in the days of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) so even if someone claimed to be within the same lineage, there isn’t 100% scientific proof. There is 100% proof that we are all in the same lineage of Prophet Adam and with All Prophets Being Equal, therefore Any Muslim can Qualify to be Elected As Caliph.

Reverse Engineering: Studying countries where the citizens / society have the best health care – education – least pollution will likely be the countries that have the shortest term limits for it’s leaders. The more a politician festers in political office, the more corruption eats their soul.

We hope to create an international voting system on where Muslims can suggest the most talented / skilled / influential / experienced Muslims to represent the Islamic Caliph by an international voting system.


What’s Missing? Many doctors and patients say that Comedy Cures Cancer as laughter is the best medicine. The Muslim Ummah (Islamic Community) is suffering from cancer caused by radiation from false leaders relations with kafirs (non-Believers).

The cancer in the Ummah has been spreading for centuries with the kafirs wanting us to die from it. We must recognize and fight these efforts. African Americans learned decades ago when their Ummah was being sickened by enemies of equality, that laughter was an excellent tool for countering mass propaganda and building love and bridges between races, cultures, and religions.

Muslims are missing the Jeffersons. Not the American president from 1801, the drycleaners from 1975. We know that many Pakistani fathers look and talk just like George Jefferson in private, with a Mom that reacts like Weezy.

From the “In Living Color”, “Sanford and Son”, “the Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, African American Comedians have been opening hearts and minds to African American Rights and Equality.

Reverse Engineering: One of the most modern and successful comedians is Kevin Hart. Mr. Hart went from rags to riches by facing his fears, facing the boos, and perfecting his craft, building his fan base on until the millions could not be ignored and giant arenas were being booked.

Although there are a few Muslim comedians, most notably Dave Chappelle – Islam is not a central theme of their shows. In fact, most people don’t know Mr. Chappelle is Muslim.

Strategy: Good news is that stand-up comedy gigs start at 10 to 15 minutes long, with famous comedy shows only being up to 2 hours. You can write down your comedy routine in your spare time, when you have funny thoughts or ideas, use your phone (I use Google keep for notes because it can be accessed from any device), tablet, phone, or laptop, and start recording yourself, while keeping in mind that one Muslim can help Millions Love Islam.

You Can Promote Peace, Laughter, and Love of Islam to Millions by Teaching Islam through Comedy. To be an aspiring comedian is a great way to teach students, you can pretend your audience of millions is just a classroom and you’re teaching them to love Islam. We hope to add more resources and advice for Islamic Comedians on We are always looking for partners on any of our projects, more brains are better than none..

Saving Jesus

What’s Missing? Another Common Phrase the Christian Missionaries Spam Muslims with is “Have You Been Saved by Jesus?”. Again, the common Muslim is bewildered. This phrase is designed to Instill Fear in its audience, as if there is a Danger that Only Jesus can Rescue people from.

Thank God because Muslims Only Fear Allah, we are not scared of what Jesus has to save us from. The question of Salvation still does present a disproportionate sense of rescuing compared to Islamic Teaching. If Jesus is doing all this Saving as Christians claim, an uninformed Muslim may wonder, what is Allah saving?

Reverse Engineering: Because Christians’ Central pillar of religion is their Salvation – Being Saved By Jesus – No longer having any sin because Jesus was supposedly murdered to cleanse all sin – We would compare How Islam Saves.

Strategy: Since Salvation is the central theme of Christianity, we composed a book called “Islam Saves Jesus” Thus Dispelling the myth that Islam Does not save. If Islam Saves Jesus, then any Salvation by Jesus is minute compared to Islam’s Salvation.

Islam Saves Jesus in Many Ways, For Example:

  1. Islam Saves Jesus from being Murdered, Allah Rescued Jesus from the being murdered by Jews, whereas the Bible leaves Jesus to be caught and killed.
  2. Islam Saves Jesus from Suicide – If the modern Christian theology is observed practically – Jesus was sent to hang himself on a cross because his only purpose was to die to cleanse all sin – Despite the fact that Jesus hid from death for more than 30 years. In Every Religion, suicide is a sin, therefore Islam Saves Jesus from Being a Sinner.
  3. Islam Saves Jesus from being a Tool of Satan, warping the Original Jesus into a Satanic Symbol if A Suicidal flesh god Idol that assumably exempts it’s worshippers from any laws or sins, thus clearing the path for Christian Terrorists to have Killed One Billion people.
  4. Islam Saves Jesus For the Jews, because Islam Teaches Jesus was Saved from the Cross, then that Validates Jesus to be the Messiah for the Jews as predicted in the Torah and Taught in the Holy Quran.
  5. Islam Saves Jesus from Paganism – Modern Christianity got corrupted by Greek pagans – A flesh god mixed with a Heavenly god is the same type of characters from Greek mythology.
  6. Islam Saves Jesus From Color Terrorists. In Addition to Christians Breaking God’s Biblical Laws of Making Images of Prophets -Christians Also Compounded this Graven Image sin by Claiming Jesus is white – despite the Bible saying Jesus was Brown – Therefore because of the Multiple Evil Actions by the Christians – Evil was begotten by Creating Intolerable Color Terrorists who think their white god makes them superior and deadly to all others with different colored skin.
  7. Islam Saves Jesus’s Honesty – While the Original Jesus taught to Obey the Laws of God and that God is One Above and that Jesus is not Equal to God – Other parts of the Bible are twisted to claim Jesus is God and not to Obey God’s laws. Islam Confirms Jesus is not a Liar and Rescues the Truth of Jesus.


What’s Missing? Christianity is an expired religion in the same way Greek mythology and Confederacy are expired. The days of flesh gods and whites being accepted as superior to blacks is history, two teachings that Christianity still attempts to promote.

Modern Christianity has disintegrated into a modern virus that infects whites to think they are superior to all non-whites and non-Christians. This disease they suffer is called the “White Trinity Disease”.

300 Years After Prophet Jesus Blessed the Earth with Islamic Teachings by the Guidance of Allah, Greek Pagans converted the scripture and picture of Jesus into poison. The Three Parts of the Trinity Disease Are:

  1. Belief in a Flesh God that is in Your Race
  2. Being the same Race as the Flesh God Makes You More Superior than those from a Different Race
  3. Believing in the Flesh god Protects You From Any Guilt or Hell or Responsibility for Killing others.

The “White Trinity Disease” is Defined as an Amalgamation of Race Superiority compounded by a Flesh god that claims Atonement Towards Committing Genocides on Other Races and Religions. The followers of Christianity sincerely believe they are helping the world and obeying God, not realizing Christianity has turned them into Color Terrorists; Terrorizing the world because most of the world does not look like them or their flesh god.

Reverse Engineering: For Racism to still exist in today’s age, on top of an Openly Racist President to be elected in America is proof that the Christian “White Trinity Disease” has infected more than a Billion people worldwide and needs to be treated as an epidemic.


All the great fighters for equality need to be studied and followed, from Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr., to Malcolm X. Explaining to the Color Terrorists that all humans are equal should then be applied with the same urgency and tactics as a cure for epidemics.

Strategy: First and foremost to promote equality, start from within. We are blessed not to want to kill people of other colors like the cursed color Terrorists who change the Bible meaning and images to match their monster mentality.

The Color Terrorists may never see someone from a different color as equal, but we can have self-respect and self-love to demand being treated as an equal. We can also minimize their effect by warning others about their evil and the steps that made them evil so that others don’t follow on their path.


Brothers and sisters, it’s been my honor alhamduli’Lah (Thank God) to serve you by sharing the trials and tribulations of teaching Islam outside the box. As a mother loves her children, giving birth to these projects has been a blessing.

I leave you with the advice to be a spiritual detective, searching for what’s missing within your community. For example:

  1. Does Your library have an Accredited Translation of the Holy Quran? They shouldn’t just be piled up in your home or local Islamic Center, non-Muslims need them too.
  2. Does Your library have books promoting Islamic love or just anti-Islamic books?
  3. Does your city hall and congressional district have Muslims to advocate for your local, national, and international rights or just anti-Muslims supporting Trump’s Muslim ban?
  4. Are the churches in your community spewing the same sermons on Sundays to your Christian neighbors that Islam is the devil’s religion and that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is dead?

More than 85% of the churches I’ve been to say those exact words to hundreds of primed and energized worshippers, thus creating new Christian terrorists that bomb Muslims with American made weapons worldwide.

Like FBI informants are known to be within Masjids monitoring speeches, go to churches and while not being disruptive, after the sermons, approach the preachers and explain to them that their anti-Islamic preaching is actually hate speech and not at all in line with Jesus’ teaching love, furthermore, Islam saves Jesus.

  1. Is there an Islamic center or school in your area? Encourage Muslims to Teach, with only 2% of the population being Muslim, we must make a 98% increase in our efforts to Educate people about Islam.

While anti-Muslims are killing Islamic leaders with drone strikes, we should target the heads of the snakes with pens. Write to all the Christian and Jewish theological and political leaders who teach their followers;

“One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail,” Rabbi Yaacov Perrin Feb 28, 1994

“[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs.” — Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin

“We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.” Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

“I deeply believe in launching preventive war against the Muslim States without further hesitation. By doing so we will achieve two targets: firstly, the annihilation of Muslim power; and secondly, the expansion of our territory.” (Menachem Begin, 12 October 1955)

“This Crusade, This War On Terrorism, Is Going To Take A While.” President George W. Bush.

“This Book Is A Long Conference Of God, The Angels, And Mahomet, Which That False Prophet Very Grossly Invented” President John Adams Speaking Of The Holy Quran.

“There Is No Christianity In Africa And Asia Because They Did Not Kill The Muslims Like In Europe And Australia And America” President Theodore Roosevelt

“Islam Teaches To Kill Non-Muslims” Pastor Frankly Graham (Son Of Billy Graham, The Advisor To Us Presidents For 50 Years)

“Islam Is Worst Than Nazism” Pastor Pat Robertson (Presidential Nominee)

“The Founder Of Islam Is A Terrorist” Pastor Jerry Falwell (Advisor To Us Presidents For 50 Years)

“Deport Muslims In America” Pastor Jimmy Swaggart (Has 78 Radio Stations Around The World)

“Ban All Muslims” Donald Trump 2016 to date..

The War is Real Against Muslims, so you must make real efforts to counter the propaganda that has murdered millions. Match Their Tones, Speakers Such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ed Schultz, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter are a few of the mouth pieces of the /;’propaganda machine.

Because they are on public radio, you can call in and dispute their claims. Neo conservatives aggressively push the agenda to ban and bomb all Muslims to making room for Jews to be raptured by Jesus so Christians can go to heaven.

Study their tones and pitches and inflections, learn to debate, so when you call the anti-Muslim leaders, you can prove to their audiences that they are hate mongers worse than terrorists.

Many of these monsters in the past have submitted to Allah and accepted Islam, the process has been slow because Islamic teaching efforts are nearly non-existent. Please share this book with others to help stop the suffering of Muslims by Teaching Millions to Love Islam.